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Lul Wafi Fashion

Petal Noir Dirac Set

Petal Noir Dirac Set

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Introducing our enchanting Petal Noir Dirac Set, where sophistication meets romance in a mesmerizing fusion of black elegance and vivid red roses. Each petal delicately adorns the rich black fabric, creating a captivating contrast that is both timeless and alluring. Enhanced with subtle shiny accents, this set exudes an irresistible charm that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Included in the Petal Noir Dirac Set are a dirac, underskirt (gogarad), and shawl (shalmad), all awaiting your personal touch. Each piece is provided untailored, allowing you the freedom to express your unique style and wear the set exactly as you desire. Step into the spotlight with confidence and grace, as you showcase the beauty and allure of the Petal Noir Dirac Set.

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